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501c3 Add Ons

State Charity Registration

State Income Tax

State Sales Tax Exemption




Most states require nonprofits to register with their Division of Charities prior to seeking donations or generating other revenue activities.

Some states require nonprofits to obtain a state equivalent to IRS 501(c)(3) status in order to be corporate tax exempt. California and Texas are especially complex in this regard.

If applicable to your state, this enables you to avoid paying sales taxes on qualified purchases.

Online Fundraising Campaign Toolkit

Corporate Book

Press Release


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Get started on your fundraising with us.

Customized Corporate Binder to organize all corporate documents (minutes, bylaws, agreements, etc.)

We will write and issue a press release on your behalf in your local/regional market to announce your formation and cause. This is a great way to start your branding in preparation for donations and fundraising.